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The Top 10 goldfish diseases

Goldfish are relatively easy to care for, unfortunately many people who own them do not do all they can do ensure that their fish will live a long and healthy life.

Many people are actually surprised that the average lifespan of a goldfish is ten years. It is important as a goldfish owner to keep a keen eye on the fish and to learn about goldfish care. You should be able to recognize when your goldfish are not feeling well and know the symptoms of the most common diseases so you can provide the necessary treatment.

One thing worth mentioning is that many diseases can be avoided by the quality of the water that the fish live in. Below is a list of some of the more common diseases that affect goldfish.


 Cloudy Eye


 White Spot and Ick

 Bacterial Infections



 Swim Bladder Disorder



 Anchor Worms

You will see that the underlying theme is allways the same, "Water Quality" to prevent diseases.

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