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Goldfish Anchor Worms

Can attack goldfish living in a tank. The anchor worms appear string-like and are clear or brownish red or even greenish-white strings. The anchor worm has a forked tail and are normally about � to 3/8 of an inch long. This parasite is often introduced into the tank via aquarium plants and especially when the plants are taken directly from a lake or a river or from adding live food to the fish tank. The anchor worm attaches itself to the undersides of the scales of the fish by burying their heads under the skin. This causes ulcers and distress. Anchor worms are very contagious and must be dealt with immediately upon detection.

Treatment for Anchor Worms

In order to treat Anchor Worms you can purchase a gyrase inhibitor from an aquarium shop. This is added to the water and should kill the anchor worms within a few days.

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