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Welcome to our store! The store is divided up in to two categories:

The first is devoted to Gifts and Apparel. Which uses our unique logo that you see throughout the website. This was the first section to be added a few years back. As the traffic grew, we started to get a few people ask, if we had any type of gifts that used the sites logo? So we came up with a small selection of products and the store was born.

The Second category offers a traditional selection of Goldfish Products. This section came about as the number of visitors to the site continued to grow at a steady pace, which obviously lead in turn to slowly increasing costs, to insure the continued growth of we decided that adding another section to the store containing goldfish supplies was the most natural thing to do.

A lot of the goldfish supplies we offer in this section are often the cheapest prices available on the Internet when you compare total prices including the shipping costs.

Our Shipping table is simple $5.95 for the first item and $1 for all subsequent items, If you purchased 6 items.
Shipping would be $5.95 + (6 x $1) resulting in a total of $11.95.

Returns No questions asked 30-day return policy.
Just Contact us for a return authorization. Unless the product is damaged or not as described, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the item back though.

Safe and Secure checkout is completed with Paypal.
Paypal handles a significant percentage of all transactions on the Internet. To put this in perspective, they handle nearly all transactions for eBay, which is the largest retailer on the internet.


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