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Goldfish Dropsy

Is a condition that is caused by either bacterial infections, nutritional problems, viral infections, or metabolic problems. With Dropsy, the body cavity grossly swells up due to a build-up of fluid. The protruding scales on the goldfish make the fish resemble a pinecone. The eyeballs protrude as well. Dropsy is caused by poor water quality, most notably, ammonia and nitrate excesses in the water. Dropsy is most often confined to individual fish. To ensure that your goldfish do not get Dropsy, test your water regularly.

Treatment for Dropsy

If you have a fish suffering from Dropsy, add aquarium salt at the dosage of one to three grams per liter of water to help the fish retain salt. Treatment is difficult with Dropsy. A general anti-bacterial treatment is the best option you have.

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