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Goldfish water change

If there were one thing that you should pay attention to when owning a goldfish changing the water would be it! Not changing the water often enough is normally the reason behind most of the illnesses and diseases that can occur with goldfish.

If on the other hand you pay special attention to changing the water often in the tank, you will be rewarded with an experience whilst owning a goldfish as a pet like no others. None of the associated diseases and illnesses will plague you like those owners that do not change the water often enough. Myself I like to change a little water daily, it is really simple find a time that is convenient could be just you feed your gold fish, take an object that represents about 10% of the water in your tank / bowl / aquarium this could be a cup for a small bowl or a bucket for a larger aquarium, remove a certain amount of water daily depending on the size of your tank / bowl / aquarium daily and replace with clean water daily. If you do this you will have very little problems with your fish.

You should change the water in the fish tank as regular as you can. It is better to change 50-75% of the water every couple week rather than wait for the tank to get really dirty and change it only then. The easiest way is to siphon the water out using a tube, when doing this, aim the tube at the bottom of the tank to clean up the waste that accumulates in the bottom of the tank.

All you need to do this is some plastic tubing and a bucket that you place below the water level in the tank. Place one end of the tube in the tank and suck the water, stop before it hits you mouth and aim the tube into the bucket that is below the fish tank, the water will continually pump into the bucket.

Leave enough water for you fish to swim in at the bottom and prepare to fill it up with fresh water. You should leave the new water to stand for a couple of hours or use a dechlorinator in the water before you pour it into the fish tank. Continue reading about
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