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Goldfish Ulcers

Are pink/white open sores that are often seen with a white edge. The ulcers are often infected secondarily by other bacteria and fungi. The reason goldfish get ulcers is very poor water quality or a very high pH level in the tank water. Even a tiny scratch can become terribly infected if the water conditions are not good. Ulcers are common among newly imported goldfish. If you see the signs of ulcers on your goldfish, immediately test the tank water for ammonia and nitrate. You should also quickly do a large water change to get the toxins out of the water as quickly as possible.

Treatment for Ulcers

As far as treatment for ulcers in goldfish is concerned, you should add aquarium salt to the tank at the dosage of 1 to three grams per liter of water. Also be sure to purchase anti-ulcer water treatment.

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