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Goldfish Cloudy Eye

Is another disease that is common to goldfish. Cloudy Eye is caused again by poor water quality as well as a poor diet, cornea damage, eye flukes and bacteria. In this disease, you will see that the entire lens of the goldfish's eyes look cloudy or opaque. There can also be a lot of mucus on the outer surface of the eye. Often the fish are not getting the proper vitamins when they suffer from Cloudy Eye. You should immediately improve the water conditions and make sure you are feeding a high quality food that is rich in vitamins. The improvement in the water quality should help with the Cloudy Eye.

Treatment for Cloudy Eye

As far as treatment for ulcers in goldfish is concerned, you should add aquarium salt to the tank at the dosage of 1 to three grams per liter of water. Also be sure to purchase anti-ulcer water treatment.

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