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White Spot and Ick

Are probably the most common diseases that goldfish are susceptible too. Small, salt grain-sized white spots appear on the skin, gills and fins of the fish. This parasite attaches itself to the skin of the fish and burrows into the flesh to feed on the fish. The parasite will drop off the fish eventually, but will continue to multiply inside a capsule. These capsules burst, which release more parasites into the water that in turn attach themselves to other fish. White Spot and Ick are stress-related diseases. Usually White Spot and Ick occur when there is poor water quality, fluctuating temperatures and overall poor care of the tank. Be sure your tank is pollution-free and try to determine what is stressing the fish.

Treatment for White Spot and Ick

White Spot and Ick are treated with anti-parasite medications and sometimes you have to raise the temperature of the water so the treatment is effective.

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