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How to feed goldfish

You are probably very excited about your new goldfish and want to feed them as soon as you can, to watch them eat. It is better to wait and allow the fish some time to settle before you feed them, then when you do for the first time do not over feed them. There are many different fish foods available in pet stores, you should choose one that comes recommended or is from a well known brand TetraFin� is the market leader. The food normally comes in the form of flakes and contains all the nutrients your fish need, be sure to get a food that is specifically for goldfish. You can purchase TetraFin� goldfish flakes in our store.

A good goldfish food in flake form is all you ever need to feed your goldfish. Some fish owners do like to feed their fish fresh food from time to time, which although it sounds like a nice thing to do, it can easily bring disease or pollute the fish tank that would not normally have happened otherwise. It can be exciting to watch your fish eat live food so if you really want to do it, get some water fleas (daphnia) from your pet shop rather than catching them from a pond. Don�t put many in to the tank at a time as they can quickly start to decompose only buy what you need and use it while it is fresh.

Did you know that over feeding is the most common problem of pet fish dying? If you over feed the fish, the leftover food will remain in the tank and pollute the water, ending up in your fish developing diseases. Only feed the fish as much food as they can completely consume in five to ten minutes, this should be done twice a day. A great invention is the floating feed ring, which will keep all the food in one place this way the fish know exactly where to find the food.
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