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The many varieties of goldfish mainly fall into two categories single tailed or twin tailed

Single Tailed Goldfish Varieties

Shubunkins These goldfish are colored very distinctively, usually with a silverish blue body with black, yellow, brown in patches on its body and they have a red snout.

Comets A comet goldfish has a very long tail fin, the fin is sometimes as long as the fish's entire body. This long tail allows the fish to swim very fast so it is recommended to have a large tank for this fish so it can swim freely. They are usually plain yellow but they also appear with a white body and red color around their back.

Twin Tailed Goldfish Varieties

Twin-tailed goldfish have been bred with anal fins and double tail fins, they have been bred to shorten their body size so much so that it impairs their swimming.
Remember a twin-tailed goldfish is not suitable for outdoor fish ponds as they are not as hardy as most common goldfish.

Lionheads A lionhead is distinctive by it's raspberry like head, it sort of looks like a huge brain. They have no dorsal fin, they are pretty squashed looking and not the best of swimmers.

Black Moor A moor is given away by its telescopic eyes that look like they are on stalks that stick out from the head of the fish. Another giveaway is that their body is always black.

Fantail The fantail has a short round body and flowing fins and can swim pretty well considering its body shape.

Veiltail This is the same as a fantail goldfish apart from it has a tall dorsal fin and its tail fin hangs in folds. Having such a long tail really does hinder the fish's swimming ability and you have to watch out for objects you have in the tank as they can damage their trailing fins easily. continue reading.
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