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Fantail Goldfish

The Fantail is thought to be one of the oldest goldfish varieties; it dates back some 1200 � 1500 years. It is known to the Chinese culture as �Loochoo� and boasts a wonderful metallic gold colour of deep and bright orange.

The Fantail has a body shape like an egg with a fairly big double tail fin (caudal fin), a healthy Fantail should have a long and flowing tail fin. This fish is one of the most popular fancy looking fish available to many hobbyists and outsells many other breeds; they have a streamlined body that still retains a roundish shape.

The most sought after specimens of Fantail should have a tail that is not joined at any juncture along either side; it should only be joined at the caudal peduncle. They should have paired anal fins not joined but in symmetry to each other.

Fantails are most popular in the solid metallic orange colour, these are also the hardiest and there are plenty available. They can also be found in nacreous; the ones with the most prominent blues and blacks are the most sought after. A nacreous Fantail is not as hardy as the orange metallic breed.

Out of the fancy breeds the Fantail is definitely one of the hardiest, they are durable enough to be kept in an outdoor pond.

It is recommended by many fish experts as the perfect starting fish for any enthusiast looking to move into exotic breeds. The life expectancy of a Fantail is around 5-10 years if looked after well; they can grow to a length of 4-6 inches without including the tail. Continue reading about other
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