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Twin tailed Goldfish


Lionheads originated in China before the 17th Century eventually finding their way over to Japan in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Chinese bred the Lionhead goldfish to resemble the Chow Chow believed to be probably one of the oldest of pure breed dogs. Continue reading more about

Black Moors

The Black Moor is the most well known of telescope eyed family of goldfish it is believed to have originated in China around the early 18th century. Continue reading more about  Black Moors


The Fantail is the Western equivilant of the Eastern Ryukin even though the fish is known for it's hardiness in the east the western variety is not so adapt to outdoor ponds that experience very low temperatures. Continue reading more about  Fantails


The Veiltail is beleived to have originated in the USA slowly finding it's way to Europe & China also, not the hardiest of goldfish by any means these fish do better if not kept with other types. Continue reading more about  Veiltails


The Ranchu originated in China in the late eighteen hundreds, after which the Japanese further developed this strain of fish. This fish is prone to developing fungal diseases and is not considered a beginners fish. Continue reading more about  Ranchus

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 Single Tailed Goldfish Varieties

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