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Best plants for goldfish

If you are selecting plants for your goldfish, you need to be looking at cold-water plants only, there is a wide range available.


Also known as Java fern and easily grows in a cold water aquarium. The plant should be attached to the rocks inside your tank using rubber bands. It grows from rhizome, a root that grows onto any surface it is attached too.


Can also be known as milfoil and is one of the best plants to get for a cold-water tank for your goldfish. It has long winding stems with lots and lots of branches that have long thin leaves that grow in bushes. A goldfish likes this plant as it offers a lot of security for the fish to hide behind as it has a very dense covering. Taking cuttings from the ends of the long stems, stripping the bottom leaves, can also grow this plant and then replanting in bunches of 3-5 stalks.

Anacharis dense

Also known as Canadian pondweed, has dark green leaves and long stems that can grow to the depth of the tank. This plant can cope well with the cold water in a goldfish tank.

When choosing what plants to use in your coldwater goldfish tank, be sure to ask the staff if the plant can thrive if it is fully submerged under the water. Some plants prefer to be partly submerged otherwise they will rot in a coldwater tank underwater.
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