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Goldfish Fungus Disease

One of the most common diseases in goldfish is fungus disease. The fungus is usually in the water but the goldfish will only become affected if its immune system is low, this can normally happen following an injury. Obvious signs to look for are small fluffy spots or dots around the affected area.

If you have many fish in a tank and you notice this condition on maybe only one or two fish, they should be removed as quickly as possible from the tank to stop other fish from also contracting the fungus disease.

Goldfish fungus treatment

You can place these fish in an isolation tank and buy an anti-fungal treatment from the pet store and treat them, another method to help infected fish is to place them in an isolated tank, add 3% of salt to the water and leave them in it for around 15 minutes. This translates to about 30g of salt to 1 liter of water. Be warned, do not use table salt as it contains iodine, which can will harm the fish.

While you do not have much control over whether your fish will contract a fungus disease or not, you can do you part by keeping the tank clean and ensuring there are no sharp objects in the tank that could damage your goldfish's scales.

This brings us to the end of the guided tour www.goldfish has many other pages that cover certain topics in a more in-depth sort of way these include a whole section on the different types and varieties of goldfish, another area covers common goldfish diseases “this section is still in its infancy” and is in the process of been developed. It does however contain information on the 10 most commonly found goldfish diseases, including Dropsy, Cloudy Eye, White Spot or Ick to mention just a couple.

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