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Nymph Goldfish

These used to be a very popular goldfish but have recently began to lack in popularity. It is believed that the Nymph is a cross breed between a Fantail and a Comet, they have a roundish shape to their short body, a short head with full lips and a large mouth with protruding nostrils. Their dorsal fin rests on the back of their spine and has long flowing pectoral and ventral fins that are as long as itís single anal fin. The Nymph is available In single tail, fantail and fringe-tail varieties.

This videos has a couple of nymph goldfish in it.

Nymph Size and Lifespan

The Nymph goldfish often grows to a size greater than 12 inches, and has been known to live for more than 14 years, like the fantail it is a hardy fish and is a good candidate for an outdoor pool.
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