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Nymph Goldfish

These used to be a very popular goldfish but have recently began to lack in popularity. It is believed that the Nymph is a cross breed between a Fantail and a Comet, they have a roundish shape to their short body, a short head with full lips and a large mouth with protruding nostrils. Their dorsal fin rests on the back of their spine and has long flowing pectoral and ventral fins that are as long as it�s single anal fin. The Nymph is available In single tail, fantail and fringe-tail varieties.

This videos has a couple of nymph goldfish in it.

Nymph Size and Lifespan

The Nymph goldfish often grows to a size greater than 12 inches, and has been known to live for more than 14 years, like the fantail it is a hardy fish and is a good candidate for an outdoor pool.
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