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Placing goldfish into a tank

When you first put your new goldfish in their new tank, do not just pour them in. Instead place the bag inside the tank and let the water temperature equal out. Gently and gradually mix in the water and release the fish carefully. It is a good idea to buy a couple of fish (even if you plan to get much more) and test them out in the water, before you buy more, you won't know the reaction until you try it.

Removing Goldfish from the Tank

If you ever need to catch your fish once they have been living in their tank, so you can clean the tank! do not use your hands. A fish's scales can be damaged very easily and disease can be brought upon quickly. Use a jar or get a fish net that will fit in your aquarium from the pet shop. Fish should be out of the water for the shortest time possible, they cannot breathe air and will die very quickly if left out of water.

How to clean a Goldfish tank

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