Marineland Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System 12 gallon

Item Description:

The top-mounted, three-stage system combines simple, elegant styling with superior performance efficiency. All water is filtered through the high-performance Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge and then directed to the patented Marineland BIO-Wheel. The result: 100% water-to-media contact for excellent water quality, and a healthier environment for plants and fish. Easy to install, easy to operate, the Eclipse System provides unlimited, unhindered access to the entire aquarium. The specially selected fluorescent daylight bulb is ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement. And because all filtration media is inside the top mounted unit, it has minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement.

  • Innovative 12-gallon aquarium perfect for showcasing salt- or fresh-water fish at home or the office
  • Patented BIO-Wheel 3-stage filtration system creates healthy environment for your fish and plants
  • Perfectly sized for counters or desktops with limited space
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • No valves, hoses, tubing, or noisy pumps necessary

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